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My story

From a very young age I experienced a form of love and joy deep from the inside that was different than the form I experienced from society. This created a lot of challenges and confusion as I got older.

When I started to let go of who I should become and what my life should be like, I created space to be who I was always meant to be, ME!

I knew something wanted to unfold within me when I was willing to listen to it. When I was willing to open myself up completely. To rely on life herself. To let go of all that didn’t serve me anymore to make space for what might arise.

A road with high ups and downs and everything in between.
My own path in life has reconnected me with my own bright colours. I am thankful for al the experiences.

As a result, I feel joy and am deeply passionate in guiding others in finding their true colours.  

My vision

I support children and young adults in expressing their true colors. So that they follow their own innate wisdom and intuition. I see people’s true colours. It makes me happy to see you shining brightly!
Painting your own colours on your life canvas. Sharing your gifts with the world.

It is essential that children and young adults are experiencing the complete freedom in which they can freely develop and expressing themselves. Where they can learn, grow, create and dream without imposed boundaries and limitations. To find out what they believe in and how they want to show up in the world.

What I do best

Micolores shines through in everything that I am and do.

I will never forget the moment in my life where I felt that the life I was living, was not giving me much joy and fulfillment. That was the moment that I deeply knew that something new wanted to grow in my life. Even if I did not know what it was at that time, I was willing to listen to my intuition. I’ve traveled solo to many continents around the world and have experienced many cultures.

From my own experience I can tell that living from the heart and following my own path in life has brought me so much joy, fulfillment and has taught me many life important lessons. But most of all it had led me to my connection with my nature, with my colours. I experienced that even when I was not moving, something inside of me was and is always moving: my true nature.

I’ve always had this special connection with children and young adults. It is natural for me to tap into life’s joy, playfulness and creativity. The spirit of play not only accelerates the learning process but teaches the value of new ways to keep learning.

I have vast experience and training in using mindfulness, yoga, nature connection and forest school activities in guiding children and young adults. I also have more then 20 years of experience working with children and young adults with Autism, special needs and those with stress, anxiety and trauma.

When planning my sessions, I am conscious of opportunities to always create an open space within the group from where new possibilities and creative ways of learning can arise.

Every child is born with unique core values and talents. These are closely related with their intuition. When a child is given the opportunity to experiencing space for development, they will folow their talents and passions in life. They are happy and joyful human beings whose life is in balance.

All children have a natural interest in learning, experiencing life through their senses.

As a teacher I am aware of the importance of creating a learning environment where nature is part of children’s education. An environment that is inviting children to learn and discover life at their pace. I have experienced that the real journey starts when children start to trust their ideas, follow their interests, exploring what is possible in a safe and supportive environment.

I believe that we all are inextricably connected with nature. Your true nature is playful, joyful and always open to discover new parts of who you really are.

Life is about creating yourself! 


Joy is the holy fire that keeps our purpose warm and our intelligence aglow

Helen Keller