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Freelance Kids yoga, meditation and mindfulness

This session can be given inside or outside in nature. Depending on the possibilities within the organisation.
The 3 key words that describe my yoga, meditation & mindfulness class:

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Stress is often thought of as a grown-up condition, but children and young adults can also experience stress. Stress can result from school, homework, social media, friends, family disruptions, changes in routines, and many other situations.

In my session the emphasis isn’t on being better than the other, but on learning how to listen to your own body and needs.

We always end with a relaxation exercise. This allows children to reflect on ​what the activities have done for their mind, body and soul. I do this in different ways: with drawing, listening to a short mindful story, art. Just to name a few.


  • Yoga postures: often related to a theme
  • Balancing exercises promote concentration and provide instant peace of mind.
  • Meditation and mindfulness 
  • Silent game
  • Breathing exercise
  • Collaboration activities 
  • Visual imagery
  • Sensory activities 
  • Story telling 
  • Massage
  • Art, creativity

I also teach yoga to children who need extra attention and care.
This form of children’s yoga is aimed at a child’s personal needs. I teach this lesson individually or in small groups of 2 or 4 children with the same special care: high sensitivity, autism, ADHD, hyperactivity or children with a certain physical disability.

This program is flexibly adjusted to the needs of the child themselves. By carefully observing and listening to the child’s response and needs, it allows me to shape and adapt the classes in a more focussed way.

Key features

1. More confidence

For children, yoga is a fantastic opportunity to develop stability, self-confidence; enabling them to overcome inner changes and challenges. This allows them to become emotionally stronger. The exercises help children to become aware of themselves and their body in a playful way. The creativity of the children is also developed and stimulated.

2. Respect for each other

The children learn to deal with their limits and those of others in a natural way. They develop respect for themselves and each other. Research shows that children’s yoga correlates with children’s overall happiness and that bullying is also reduced.

3. Better concentration and focus

Simple breathing exercises increase​s concentration and promote inner peace. By performing exercises with attention, children learn to concentrate better. A non-competitive approach to the body promotes self-confidence and acceptance.
Whatever it is that you’re experiencing in the moment, is all good! By being in the moment as much as possible and breathing consciously, their attention is always in the here and now. As a result, their attention does not often wander, but they are able to focus on the things they are working on.

4. A harmonious mind, body and soul

Yoga provides more balance and flexibility. It promotes correct posture, a straight spine, flexible muscles, strong bones, healthy lungs, with a relaxed and free breathing. Yoga personifies a connection between body and mind and reviews the relationship between humanness and soul.

5. Quiet space

Silence has a calming effect. Silence is a wonderful way for us to take a step back, find peace and recharge. It helps us more effectively connect to the world around us. Essentially all our senses are heightened when we are silent. During the yoga sessions I make use of different themes, music and stories

6. Movement and strength

The body releases good chemicals that make your mind and body healthy and happy.

7. Resilience and openness for life 

8. Joy

Having fun make you healthy and happy! Your mind releases happy chemicals into your body, which make you feel good. When you are having fun, your mind remembers these good experiences and you can even learn better.



  • Duration: 1 hour to 1,5 hour, age dependant
  • Accessible for people with special needs!
  • Group size: 4 to 15 children, between the ages of 4- 16 year
  • Qualified, experienced Kids yoga, mindful & meditation teacher
  • 11 per session  

It is possible to book more sessions. At least 5 sessions over 5 weeks, 1 per week.
Of course with a discount!

Please feel free to contact me for more information. Talking about the possibilities for your school and organisation!


Short experience story

I remember giving a yoga session to a group of teenagers. The theme of this session was: Inner strength & Intuition.

Everybody received a power card with a personal message on it. Often, we use our thoughts to figure out what something means, then we give it our own meaning and interpretation. Our thoughts often work overtime!

But what happens when we start to focus on our bodies and on the sensations, we’re feeling here? We are capable to feel our answers and truth in some parts of our body. Our body is a great indicator. New stimuli and information come in through our senses and we’re often unaware of them. Listening to your own body and needs with gentleness and without judgment can often be very challenging, but it can be absolutely honed through practice. 

Using those power cards gave everybody a clear perspective and feeling of how we’re collecting our information and how we’re giving it meaning. Listening to our intuition.

For me every yoga session is different and new. I plan my sessions, but I’m flexible to follow the flow of the group. Holding space for creation. For me it is very important that people feel at ease during my sessions. It is only then that we’re experiencing a complete relaxation. The exercises can bring a deep movement in our entire body, connecting us with our inner knowing, our intuition and allows our whole being to be in the moment. 

To gain inner strength, flexibility, enthusiasm, grounding and self-confidence we’ve practiced the following yoga poses: Boat pose, different Warrior poses, Chair pose, Tree pose. We build up strength and focus by holding a pose a little longer when we just want to give up. Keeping our full attention on our breathing.
At the end of the yoga class there was a relaxation exercise in which I read a short story, accompanied with relaxation music. The lights where dimmed and everybody was laying on their yoga mat, covered under a warm blanket.

There ​was an absolute silence in the room as I start reading my story.

In such moments, I feel the magic of a yoga class.

I’m experiencing joy and blessed feelings in doing what I do best