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Sometimes during the day we can get completely absorbed in what is happening around us. The sound of cars, people talking, our daily routines or even the news on the radio or television. You might be distracted by the person sitting next to you in your class or at work? During the day we’re receiving many stimuli from our environment through our senses. Our thoughts largely determine how we experience every moment of the day, how we’re feeling and how we’re perceiving the world around us. Without being aware of it, we are shaping every moment of our day with our thoughts.

I think we can all agree that both children and adults nowadays are overloaded with sensory stimuli from our environment and are experiencing feelings of anxiety and stress.

Tapping into feelings of aliveness!

Our natural state is joyfulness and to enjoy life! They are feelings from which life energy, balance and health on the physical, mental and social plane arise.

Feelings of joy arise from recharging the body through movement and free breathing. In my Kids yoga, meditation and mindfulness classes I make children awarene of this relaxation feeling in the body through focus. This relaxed feeling in our body is always here in the moment, but we usually don’t pay consciously attention to it. From this relaxation arises a feeling of space, in which enjoyment and joyful feelings are experienced. The body does this naturally.

Life is full of basic fun: You can really enjoy for example a perfectly ripened mango, freshly brewed tea, the smell of rain, dancing or a kiss from a loved one. This is very personal. Happiness usually comes when our wishes are fulfilled and when we see our standards being met. Also when we are in a good place where we experience love, regularity, balance and safety.

In addition, life also has other feelings that we would rather like to hide ourselves from, but which are also part of our life. Feelings such as sadness, fear, depression, anger, gloominess, dejection. The path to joy actually begins in sadness. This is where we feel our own emptiness and desires, where we feel the potential of our life in terms of space: it is the space of what is not yet there, but we know it should be or could be. When we fully embrace these feelings, space is created. And this space keeps bringing forth new movement to our original state of being that is loving, peaceful and joyful.


She has many gifts for us and the beautiful thing about this is that her gifts are infinite. Perhaps the greatest gift of them all is joy and feelings of wonder. All our senses are activated when we’re walking in nature. No matter what the time is of the year, she’s always changing; showing us the natural cycle of life. Reminding us that change, balans, beauty and Magic is who we truly and deeply are!

Presence in the now.

You feel total peace and joy when you enjoy simple presence. You don’t have to become anything, you don’t need anything or do anything.

When you lower your pace of life (when walking or cycling slowly, during meditation) and consciously observe the experience, a feeling of ecstasy arises. The body becomes relaxed. There is a sense of peace and an absence of “I” consciousness. In this state the striving for a better moment will stop. Everything is good just the way it is.


Creative exercise!

I’ll share with you a lovely creative exercise below that is both for kids and adults. I’m also using this exercise in Forest School, Kids yoga, mindful and meditation classes.

Have lots of fun!!!




The Magical stone


A scientific fact: the Isua stone is one of the oldest mineral found on earth in Greenland so far. The stone is more than 3.75 billion years old. How incredible is that!

Stones have something Magical!
Stones contain the energy of Mother Earth. A whole process precedes the creation of stones. If you’re holding just one stone in your hands, start to look at the shape and all the different colours. Some stones are very light and some stones feel heavy. Some feel rough and some feel soft and very smooth. Not one stone on our earth is exactly the same.

Every stone is unique and so are you!
There is only one person living on this earth that is moving the way you do, dancing the way you do, talking the way you do, smiling the way you do, singing the way you do, looking at things the way you do and is shining just the way you do! And that person is YOU!


Let’s start creating your Magical stone!

➳ Find a flat stone that feels really good to you, using your senses.
➳ Clean the stone and gather your supplies: paint, paint brushes, construction paper, scissors, mod podge, glitter. You can be very creative with this!
➳ Start creating your Magical Stone! Be aware of the feelings of bliss, love and joy that you’re experiencing whilest creating your magical stone. Have lots of fun!

Three ways to use the magical stone!

Empowerment, relaxation & meditation. 
Hold the stone in your hands or rub the stone to help calm your mind when you’re feeling anxious or when you’re having unnerving thoughts.

Take the Magical stone with you when you’re having an exam or an important meeting. You know that wherever you are, the Magic is always within you!

Focus your attention on your senses Whilest you’re holding the stone in your hands or somewhere close to your body.

Step 1. Your body and breathing
Take a deep breath and feel your body. Notice where in your body you feel your breathing. For example, the air that flows in or out of your nose, the swelling of your stomach or chest, or a combination. Feel your body as a whole and how the breath flows in and out of your body. Also feel where your body makes contact with the outside world: with the floor, the chair, your clothes.

Step 2. What do you see?
Do you then become aware of what you see: what do you see now? You can name objects, but also colours or shapes that you perceive. Try to be as factual as possible, without judging. Don’t forget the simple things that are always there: the floor, the walls, the furniture in the room. Normally we just walk past that. What happens if you really look at it?

Step 3. What do you hear?
Then become aware of the sounds around you. What do you hear? When you hear something, follow that sound for a moment: does it change? What do you hear when it is gone? Can you also perceive the silence under the sounds? The silence is the space in which the sounds originate. When you connect to the silence, you are connected to the moment.

Step 4. What do you smell or taste?
Then become aware of any smells or flavors you notice. In some people the sense of smell is strongly developed, in others much less. But also noticing that you smell “nothing special” is an observation!

You can then switch between your senses a few times: what do I see? What do I hear? What am I feeling? What am I smelling? What do I taste? You can make this exercise as long or short as you want. You will likely find that even just one “passing by” your senses will change how you experience this moment.

Feelings of Joy & Gratitude
This is also a good practice to do before going to bed.

Gratitude is the highest vibration! Whilst looking at your Magical stone or holding the magical stone in your hands, think about “What are the three things I’m grateful for and have brought me joy today?”
“I really love…” “I’m really grateful for…”

This can be anything: your body for keeping you healthy and happy, the people who mean the world to you, a sensory perception in a specific moment (a touch, a certain smell), your hands for creating things. Just to mention a few.

You can also write, paint or draw your experience on a beautiful piece of paper. Be as creative as you want!

Create more Magical stones!
Create extra stones and share them with friends, family and even with other people. Hide them somewhere outside so others can find them or give them away as a present with a little note.

Let’s start spreading the Magic everywhere!!!


You are nature, radiant & magical, exactly the way you are!